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Information at your fingertips

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Details available include:

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New products are being added to the App all the time so be sure to check back for updates.

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Nexans wins "Structured Cabling Vendor Of The Year" for the 2nd year running

Nexans is pleased to announce that it has won the ‘Structured Cabling Vendor of the Year’ award at the annual Network World Middle East Awards 2015 recently held in Dubai. Nexans was selected for a second year in a row by a panel of judges for its latest innovative LAN cabling solutions and its team’s commitment in providing the highest level expertise, excellence, customer service and support.

“Nexans invests a lot in R & D to bring the most innovative and intelligent LAN cabling solutions to our customers. We are proud and honoured to receive the ‘Structured Cabling Vendor of the Year’ award from Network World Middle East once again this year, which is also our fourth major award in this region. This award is a recognition of our best-in-class cabling solutions portfolio and our team’s hard work, commitment, and dedication towards our customers in providing the highest level of expertise and strong customer service and support. We would like to thank the judges and the editors of CPI Publishing for this recognition and our customers and partners for their continued support,” says Mr. Tarek Helmy, Regional Director Gulf and Middle East, South & East Africa of Nexans Cabling Solutions.

Over the last 22 years, the company has developed a complete range of copper and fibre network solutions to meet companies’ network requirements, including innovations such as the GG45 Cat7A system and LANsense – an intelligent infrastructure platform with power management and environmental monitoring tools. These innovations allow companies to invest in a future proof network today and lower IT costs for the next decade.

Now in its fifth year, the Network World Middle East Awards is an established platform that recognises both users and vendors on innovation and key regional technology implementations. The main criteria for the vendor award categories were on product innovation, quality of services, major customer deployments and commitment to the region.

Nexans beat off strong competition to win this prestigious award for its solid cabling solutions portfolio, expertise and excellent customer service and support.

The 2015 Network World ME awards, held at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, was attended by more than 350 guests, celebrated innovative networking projects and recognized end-users for their contribution to business, and vendors for their product leadership.


Nexans wins "Structured Cabling Vendor Of The Year" for the 2nd year running

Nexans’ new cable combines 10 GB/s capacity with flexibility and durability for drag chain applications.

Paris, November 25, 2014 – Nexans is introducing its Category 6A cable, designed for automation applications. The new cable is able to carry 10 GBit/s while offering the exceptional durability and flexibility essential for drag chain installations.

Nexans introduces durable, flexible CAT 6A Ethernet cable for industrial automation applicationsThe cable, part of the Motionline® range, will meet the need for increased data volume in industrial settings. The CAT 6A cable can bend to a radius 10 times its diameter while withstanding at least three million cycles, a new benchmark for CAT 6A Industrial Ethernet.

Now in its fifth year, the Network World Middle East Awards is an established platform Nexans’ CAT 6 cable carries signal frequencies of up to 500 MHz while reducing crosstalk and system noise. Its outer PUR jacket is halogen free, protecting people and equipment in the event of a fire. It is also abrasion and oil resistant.

The Industrial Ethernet cable can be used for Industry 4.0, machine-to-machine intercommunication and Internet of Things applications. The high data rates, ability to withstand strenuous repetitive movement and small bending radius make the cable suitable for applications requiring a high volume of data transfer in drag chain applications.

The cable has been tested at the dedicated Nexans’ Motion Application Centre in Nuremberg, Germany. It meets all relevant international standards.


Kaspersky Lab and European Schoolnet collaborate to help keep 9000 children safe online in 2015

Kaspersky Lab and European Schoolnet today announced a joint initiative that will increase the amount of support provided to children that have been exposed to cyberbullying in Europe.

The Insafe Helpline Fund is operated in partnership with the European Schoolnet and the collaboration will deliver a 12 per cent capacity increase in fielding calls to its helpline numbers across Europe. The helplines are available to those affected by online issues, including cyberbullying, online abuse and concerns about online reputation.

European Schoolnet, the Insafe network and Kaspersky Lab are dedicated to improving family security in its own ways, each focusing on reducing the negative effects of online issues on parents, children and young people. The collaboration is a first step in addressing this shared concern, each party adding its own unique expertise to promote and encourage digital citizenship in the future.

Kaspersky Lab will donate one Euro to the Insafe Helpline Fund for every Kaspersky Total Security – Multi Device sold online in Europe during December 2014, with a guarantee to secure a minimum donation to field an additional 9000 calls in 2015.